Monday, March 21, 2016

Maximalism Baby!

Photo courtesy of New York Magazine. Taken by Bobby Doherty. 

On a recent lazy Sunday afternoon I was flipping through a New York Magazine while enjoying some coffee in my favorite Henri Bendel coffee mug. 

The minute I came across Larocca and Ramsey's article on maximalism (pictured above), I was delighted to see that the trend was on the radar once again. Goodbye boring minimalism and hello fabulous maximalism!

The over-accessorizing  and customization of clothes has exploded within the past two seasons, and I am absolutely delighted. With maximalism there are no rules, and that means more creative ensembles on both the runway, and the streets. 

Maximalism was seen on several of the runways for this  season including Dolce & Gabbana  and Gucci.  (Left to right.) Photos courtesy of Vogue.

So what is maximalism anyways? 

Maximalism is the counter reaction of minimalism, an aesthetic of excess with the mantra of “more is more”. 
The aesthetic is both present in art and fashion, and for me, I would say I am definitely maximalist when it comes to style. 

Picture of one of my ensembles. I love to mix textures and fabrics, but my secret is trying to make them complement each other effortlessly (i.e. choosing similar color schemes)

A maximalist is not afraid to mix plaid with polka dots, and animal with floral prints. The more patterns the better! They also have a knack for over accessorizing, but totally getting away with it. Hats and eyewear are also a staple to the maximalist. 

One of the most notable maximalists is 94 year-old Iris Apfel. The fashion icon is known for over-accessorizing with various accessories she has collected from around the world. To the maximalist, one’s clothes and accessories are like personal keepsakes, that each have their own story. 

Iris Apfel, queen of maximalism. Photo courtesy of The Talks. Taken by Thomas Whiteside. 

And lastly being a maximalist is all about self-expression and confidence. Remember: there are no rules when it comes to this fad. More is more! 

As Ms. Apfel once said, "life is gray and dull; you might as well have a little fun with your dress."

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