Friday, September 2, 2016

Book Club

Hello loves. Its been a minute. I just moved to my very own apartment in Greenwich Village and could not be more happier. There is so much history in this neighborhood I now call home. In the midst of starting school and getting back in the groove of things, I decided to dive into a book all about the Village (best decision ever). 

Learning about your neighborhood is key if you want to love living in New York. There is so much history on these streets, and it is becoming more crucial for those moving to New York to learn about where they live. 

Just moved to NYC and feeling a little displaced? Follow these steps for the ultimate settling into your apartment: 

-1 Candle

-A book about the history of your neighborhood 
-Personalized home accessories!!! (These really make it feel like home) 

Also, make sure to keep an eye out for a new project I'm working on. Hint: it has to do with the Village! 

The Maximalist NY

Thursday, July 14, 2016

My love affair with Glossier

It all started with a rose. 

It was winter, and I was up early on a Saturday morning. I had left my phone charger at a friends the night before, so I headed to Williamsburg to retrieve it. Half awake and in a daze, I hopped on the L train from Union Square and and headed to Brooklyn. 

When I got out at Bedford Avenue, I heard the sweet sound of a violin, which is something next to normal on the subway. I continued walking, and as I approached the exit, I walked past what looked like dozens of pink roses in the middle of the platform. Curious to see, I walked up to get a better look on what exactly was happening. 

It seemed that someone was handing out roses to people. I got closer. Funny enough, the girl handing out roses ended up being someone I knew! (Don't you love know when that happens? Running into people you know on the street.) I asked her what she was doing giving out roses to strangers on a Saturday morning, she told me she worked for Glossier

I had heard the name "Glossier" mentioned before. One of my friends had raved about Boy Brow a while back on her blog. After hearing it's name again, I decided to look into what all that hype was about.  But, like any good romance, it started off with a tease. 

Glossier goes by the mantra "Skin first makeup second." They market their products in phases Phase 1, which consists of a skin oriented set (facial cleanser, moisturizer, lip balm, and foundation), and Phase 2, which is, you guessed it, makeup. More specifically lip stick, concealer, and brow gel, which might I add works wonders. (They also just restocked Phase 2--Glossier gals rejoice!) 

It only seemed natural to first try out Phase 1. So, with butterflies in my stomach I typed in Glossier into my web browser, clicked Phase 1, and hovered my mouse on the palest option possible. "I'm finally going to be with Glossier", I thought.  I clicked add to bag, and....it was sold out! My heart dropped. I decided to hold out for a while, maybe they would restock soon (I hoped). 

Time passed. Every now and then I would wonder what it would be like for Glossier to be mine. In the mean time noticed that a lot of girls came to class with no makeup. It wasn't the "I don't care what I look like in school look" though, this was a kind of fresh faced dewy look. 

At this point I wouldn't be caught dead not wearing makeup. I've been drilled to wear makeup I wondered...how did they have perfect skin? Why weren't they wearing makeup?? 

One day in class I saw my friend scrolling on the Glossier site. I asked her, "what's so special about Glossier?" Her eyes lit up and she told me all about how truly amazing the brand was. 

She told me that it was started by a beauty blogger named Emily Weiss, who created Into The Gloss (literally one of the most incredible  beauty blogs in the game right now, but we will get to that in a sec.) She urged me to see for myself, and even 20% off promo code to try out. (Thanks, Claire!) Which, is one of many great marketing strategies Glossier has with its products. Even though the forward-thinking cosmetics line is super affordable, they have plenty of promo codes and opportunities to score for less. For example, hen you make a purchase you get the opportunity to get $10, if you share a 20% promo code with a friend. It's a win win for everyone. 


That is how I started my love affair with Glossier. It wasn't easy, but let me tell you I can't get enough of it. 

Since then, I hardly wear makeup, and my skin is the best it's ever been. Although Phase 1 and I are still not together there are a lot of really great products Glossier offers that are definitely worth buying. 
Face by Glossier. 

Along with their products (that I have an addiction of getting), and following Into The Gloss, I have never been more confident in how I look, nor more excited to take care of my skin. They make all their products in NYC, and always pack your purchase with fun goodies like a set of stickers, a poster, and of course their signature pink bubble-wrap travel pouches. (Other great marketing strategies!! Smart girls with an amazing vision!) 

So what I'm trying to say is... if you are looking to feel confident and look flawless I definitely recommend investing in Glossier. So support your local girl gang and fall in love with the brand that literally has changed the game of beauty for girls all over. 

From top to bottom. Boy Brow ($16) Haloscope highlighter ($22), Original Balm Dot Com ($12)  

Above are a few of my favorites, but really everything is amazing!

Xoxo, The Maximalist.


For 20% off your first purchase, use this: http://bff.glossier.com/d5QQD

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Summer in the City

Oh how I have missed New York City so. Summer is in the air and that means so is the smell of garbage, and of course cat calling (insert eyeball roll here). But let's face it, we've all been waiting for the day where we can ditch the coat and not worry whether not wearing tights was a bad idea. 

In NYC you never know who you'll run into, whether it be an old pal, or a celeb (which happens more than you think), so looking your best is always something to keep in mind.  Here is a look I put together for a quick trip to the bodega to pick up some flowers. Comfortable, bold, and chic! 

The Lowdown: 
Blouse: LF
Jumper: Free People 
Purse: Customized Longchamp (DIY alert...deets coming soon)
Sunglasses: Starstruck Vintage 
Shoes: Reeboks (Literally the BEST shoes for walking around in the city)

The Maximalist  

Friday, June 10, 2016

Stars Align At Dallas Boho Boutique Fashion Show

Photo courtesy of the Gypsy Wagon Facebook page. 

Dallas favorite The Gypsy Wagon hosted it's first fashion show to celebrate their success and kick off the summertime season. Situated on the busy corner of Henderson, the store brings in foot traffic from both Dallas boho babes and those looking for the perfect element to add to their unique wardrobe. 

The Gypsy Wagon is filled with clothes from dreamy designers such as celebrity favorite Johnny Was, to free-spirited fav. Free People. The store has an aesthetic of boho with a Western flare, or "boho chic", a look that is growing fast in the South, especially in Texas. 

 Not only does The Gypsy Wagon sell fabulous frocks, but it also a great spot to find a gift for a friend, or for yourself. Items include fun stationary from Bando and candles from Voluspa.  It is always a favorite of mine to shop when back home.

With a sudden explosion of the boho chic look, the Gypsy Wagon now has three stores, and is teeming with business. To celebrate their accomplishments and the summer, the store decided to host a fashion show complete with cocktails, music, and more.

Local favorite Tribal Juice concockted drinks for the event. Photo by Madeleine Crenshaw. 

Inspired by the astrological signs, the fashion show displayed the store's favorite looks for the summer. Indie jams spun by Jason Abbott played as the boho crowd of Dallas mingled with one another while sipping on cocktails made by Tribal Juice. Their fresh pressed juice with tequila was an absolutely perfect summertime drink to sip on for the evening. Live jewelry making from Dallas jewelry line the All The Wire was also in full effect during the evening, pressing astrological signs into silver and gold plated bands.

The show kicked off with a speech from the owner Carley Seale, who also doubled as the emcee. As models strutted down the runway with this season's hottest looks, Seale read out each astrologcial sign, from their characteristics to its interests.

A bold dress with a fringe purse is a subtle, but bold look for the summer. Photo by Madeleine Crenshaw. 

All about this denim on denim look. Photo by Madeleine Crenshaw. 

The Gypsy Wagon Dallas location is on 2928  Henderson Avenue. The store also has locations in Austin and Crested Butte, CO.  If you ever come across one of their stores I highly recommend taking a peek inside. 

The Maximalist. 

Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Maximalist NY's Songs of Summer

My Summer 2016 playlist is here! This year's summer sounds were inspired by a mix of nostalgia and recent discoveries. Spending time in my hometown is bringing me major flashbacks of growing up in Dallas. That said, I've thrown in a mix of throwbacks (No Doubt), a little Dallas (Erykah Badu, of course), some more recent finds (T-Rexstasy, a punk rock girl group who just released their first album) and more!  Whether it be listening to in the car, jamming out alone in your room, relaxing at the pool, or getting ready to go out with friends this playlist is conventional for any summertime setting.

Click here to listen!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Spring Vibes

This spring is all about nature with a flare. Think 70's bohemian with a punch of punk. Bellbottoms, pointed boots, and clothing and accessories with embellished pins and buttons make for a perfect combination of two incredible eras of the late 20th century. Dark eyeshadow and nude lips are in. Tiaras and slips are a must (especially because my 21st birthday is coming up, but also YSL brought the Courtney Love look back). Go out and explore the season in your fiercest get up. It's all about looking badass while taking on the springtime season, whether that be hitting up Washington Square Park, or having brunch on the patio.

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Monday, March 21, 2016

Maximalism Baby!

Photo courtesy of New York Magazine. Taken by Bobby Doherty. 

On a recent lazy Sunday afternoon I was flipping through a New York Magazine while enjoying some coffee in my favorite Henri Bendel coffee mug. 

The minute I came across Larocca and Ramsey's article on maximalism (pictured above), I was delighted to see that the trend was on the radar once again. Goodbye boring minimalism and hello fabulous maximalism!

The over-accessorizing  and customization of clothes has exploded within the past two seasons, and I am absolutely delighted. With maximalism there are no rules, and that means more creative ensembles on both the runway, and the streets. 

Maximalism was seen on several of the runways for this  season including Dolce & Gabbana  and Gucci.  (Left to right.) Photos courtesy of Vogue.

So what is maximalism anyways? 

Maximalism is the counter reaction of minimalism, an aesthetic of excess with the mantra of “more is more”. 
The aesthetic is both present in art and fashion, and for me, I would say I am definitely maximalist when it comes to style. 

Picture of one of my ensembles. I love to mix textures and fabrics, but my secret is trying to make them complement each other effortlessly (i.e. choosing similar color schemes)

A maximalist is not afraid to mix plaid with polka dots, and animal with floral prints. The more patterns the better! They also have a knack for over accessorizing, but totally getting away with it. Hats and eyewear are also a staple to the maximalist. 

One of the most notable maximalists is 94 year-old Iris Apfel. The fashion icon is known for over-accessorizing with various accessories she has collected from around the world. To the maximalist, one’s clothes and accessories are like personal keepsakes, that each have their own story. 

Iris Apfel, queen of maximalism. Photo courtesy of The Talks. Taken by Thomas Whiteside. 

And lastly being a maximalist is all about self-expression and confidence. Remember: there are no rules when it comes to this fad. More is more! 

As Ms. Apfel once said, "life is gray and dull; you might as well have a little fun with your dress."